We’re a procurement partner, buyer, sourcing specialist, new product development team, commercial contract negotiator, cost reduction specialist. We are what you need us to be in any field of buying & procurement, to deliver tangible hands on benefits.


Let’s be clear though, we’re less worried about segmenting our expertise and more focused on ensuring your business objectives in procurement and sales are achieved. Whatever your business is trying to achieve, the starting point for our flexible service model has been designed to map onto the areas of your business we can unleash most value.



Procurement and buying is the cornerstone of our work. Specialising in both direct food materials and indirect goods and services categories. Our end-to-end approach ensures we understand your objectives, focus on potential benefits and ensure a coherent yet strong delivery of new solutions.



When it comes to NPD our retail, travel, manufacturing, wholesale and supply chain expertise ensure we can bring real focus to your brands. Supporting you to develop key products for specific sectors that deliver sales success for new customers.


THINK Branded Sales Development

Branded sales development is now closely linked to our procurement expertise as we look to develop new or existing brands into key food sector sales environments.