New Product Development starts with your customer needs and aspirations. Understanding your market sector and category sales, set the framework for NPD, which deliver sales success in the long term.


We have a solid trading background in all key areas of food procurement, whether this be ambient, chilled or frozen categories. Along with a solid working knowledge of ‘route to market” wholesaling and logistics.

Food trends start everywhere these days, from Michelin star chefs, TV programs, mainstream grocery retail, to consumers through social media.

Awareness in this sector day-to-day helps us develop new products with relevance for today that work in a practical sales environment.

Category Sales, proof in the pudding

Although new products can create their own sales success, we don’t ignore the obvious that is right in front of us. Your current category sales will help set our direction and sow the seeds of potential NPD ideas. Ultimately, your business wants sales success not NPD for it’s own sake.

Gap analysis & range extensions

Our NPD process is more than just finding new products, we take into account market trends, sector specific dynamics, environmental impact and the need for product and packaging innovation. Most importantly, we put this in the context of your business; what works for one customer doesn’t always work in other sectors.

Right Product, Right Supplier

We strongly believe that quality comes from choosing the correct supplier right from the start. We have over 1,000 suppliers on our core database covering all food categories in the UK & Europe. Your volume and logistical constraints play a significant role in supplier selection. A good supply partner may not be the biggest but must be the best for your needs.

Quality & Specification

Quality of specification and “fit for purpose” accredited suppliers are at the heart of our NPD process. Quality starts with selecting the right supply partners in ingredients sourcing & selecting the right manufacturing sites.

Consumer uptake & sales success

NPD should equal sales success. We see our NPD process as a means to an end. We tick the boxes, to ensure quality of specification but ultimately businesses want their products to outsell products in the current portfolio. Your sales success is fundamental to our approach. If we don’t think something will work, we don’t shy away from it.


Underpinning all our client activity is the same ethos around end-to-end management of procurement activities. Beyond the usual “consultancy” approach, we take you forward and deliver those new supply contracts, service level agreements and ensure your internal operational standards are achieved by your supply base.

Our Commercial Director (Alistair Stirling) has recently worked extensively with key food clients to develop various aspects of procurement, along with step change projects, resulting in significant category savings.

Aunt Bessies, Jacksons Bakery,, Country Range Food Group, Costcutter, P&H (Buyco)