Our procurement and buying expertise can help you deliver real step changes in your approach to buying and deliver significant underlying cost savings to make a tangible difference to your bottom line profit.

Nearly all businesses have a fixed resource within procurement, designed to meet the needs of core activities and manage the day-to-day challenges of buying, contract negotiation and sourcing. Yet often businesses have a real need to step change procurement to underpin new strategies and business objectives. External resources can often play a key role in delivering new initiatives in challenging circumstances, bringing new skills and hands on support when needed, allowing your internal team to manage the day-to-day business in the short-term.

Often a fresh pair of eyes can bring new ideas for existing problems and importantly focus on short-term delivery.

A real drive towards lower operating costs and better procurement can produce more effective results, not just cheaper prices. STM Procurement would work to leverage cost benefits in conjunction with making your business more efficient in the long-term.

Are your procurement contracts and suppliers delivering results for your current and future business objectives? Often contracts are merely renewed or replaced like-for-like, without real consideration for future business strategy.

Our approach to defining priorities revolves around your business strategy, goals and objectives. This drives everything STM Procurement does to support your procurement needs. Without over complicating things, we can help define simple, focused solutions that can be delivered practically into your business.

Our approach to understanding the here and now is to review your current cost of goods and services and work with your finance team to understand the numbers to build a picture of your category spend and your supplier contracts.

We then use this as the starting point to pinpoint areas for improvement and need for change having gained a working knowledge of your business objectives as the backdrop.

It’s often surprising how much opportunity can be uncovered with a fresh pair of eyes on category spend and contracts.

We can then spend time with you setting out a structured plan to deliver new solutions or focus on savings, depending on your business needs. This allows us to work in tandem with your procurement team to ensure that the end result delivers your category financial needs.

Equally important is understanding your contracts with suppliers. Without this key understanding, poor decisions may be made that could impact future success. In the real world, your existing supply contracts will constrain how you approach your future supply arrangements.

You have to be realistic with regards to where you are today and work through the right solutions with key suppliers and internal stakeholders. One of the key benefits of external procurement resource is to question the current logic and put this into context.

Using our best practice approach, we ensure all our tenders are conducted professionally with a structured approach, clear timescales and set objectives.

The end result is the important part, but the process to get there should be fair and transparent, whilst demonstrating clear financial and service benefits for your business.

There should be no real surprises for either the internal stakeholders or indeed your external suppliers.

We spend quality time on your current specifications and future changes to specification, thus giving you the end result you were looking for.

We use traditional negotiation, formal tenders and e-auctions, all aimed at delivering fair results, with credibility.

A simple process underpins our work.

The key to successful tendering is the results, which should reflect your set goals at the start of the process. Our aim is always to deliver on your objectives, whether that be pure cost savings, new supply contracts or simple service level improvements.

Implementing new contacts is a key part of what we do for your business. New supply arrangements are only worthwhile if they can be 100% effective in the real world. The tender process is not the ultimate goal; it’s the implementation and solid success which underpin future category success.

It’s often the case that your business understands where the opportunities lie, but the resources are not available when you need them. Our additional flexible resources can bring the skills, in real-time, to develop these opportunities and work with your existing plans.

We can take on specific known projects and deliver them in a timely manner, taking into account your business needs to deliver short and medium-term success.

We often work with clients who have a clear vision of what needs to be achieved but just don’t have the short-term resource to get traction with specific projects.