Sales & Channel Development

Bringing existing brands into the travel retail, inflight sector is something we have been doing for 4 years now. We take a consultative approach to working with key airlines, ferry & rail operators, seeking new brands to expand their range. If you have an existing brand that you feel could cross into these sectors, we have the network to scope the opportunity and industry logistics to make it feasible. With wider experience within the on-trade, this has now expanded to scoping opportunities within the UK hospitality sector.

Experienced in product development, packaging and our wider creative services, such as developing new or repositioning existing brands, is all within a day’s work for our team. Each project has differing challenges, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. The simplest thing to do is contact us. We’ll share our thoughts and very quickly and honestly ascertain how we can assist.

For brands looking to enter the travel retail or inflight sectors on a like-for-like basis or through product format changes, our team will be able to advise and facilitate market entry and manage the process from one UK delivery into the network.

We thrive on new intelligence and data and this underpins all projects. Be it a procurement model or brand strategy, data, market insight and ongoing analytics are pivotal to performance.

If you are looking to develop new product brands or private label; with manufacture, retail and food service experience across both procurement and creative arms of the business, STM Procurement are well placed to provide an efficient, joined-up strategy and service.

STM Procurement houses a collective of talent focused on retail, foodservice and manufacture with specific experience in the food and drink sector. Our talent pool has grown along with our clients and new technologies, reinventing ourselves to continue to add more value; value for time, money and being easy to work with.